2017 Photo A Day is Out!

We’re back with our 2017 Photo A Day app on iOS!

The free download includes 20 Christmas photos, 12 Halloween Photos, and 25 iMessage Stickers  (for those of you running iOS 10).  To unlock the Photo A Day there is one In App Purchase, that’s over 400 photos!  One every day from November 1st 2016 through December 31st, 2017.   To make sure the photos look great on your iOS device, we have multiple versions of every photo so they are sized for your device.



With the launch of Rogue One, what better way to celebrate the launch of the 2017 App then with a collection of Star Wars photos?  The app at the top of this post was taken by Cory at the DisneyParksBlog meet-up for Rogue One last week.  At the special event at EPCOT that included a surprise appearance by Rogue One star Mads Mikkelson, Spaceship Earth was converted into the Death Star.  Twice during the event the Death Star even fired it’s deadly laser into the night sky!  Download the app to see Ben’s photo from the event showing the laser blast!


We couldn’t be happier to launch the app today.  It has been a ton of work to get the app updated.  After the struggles to get the 2015 / 2016 apps approved and onto the store it is such a relief to have all of our hard work payoff.  New for this year is a Photo Tips section.  We’ve included a button on the app that brings up a list of some of our more popular articles on taking photos in the park.  If you’re there and need a reminder for taking Dark Ride or Fireworks photo, then the app will have you covered.  There’s also a link to every How To article that we have ever posted on the blog.



So help us celebrate the launch of Rogue One and our launch of the 2017 App by going on to the store and getting it right away!


If you are going to be ordering from Amazon.com anyway, please consider following this link.  It doesn’t cost you anything but we earn a very small commission and it helps support the site.

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about 4 months ago Reply

I have been waiting for Disney Photo A Day for a whole year now just to find out I can't add it to my phone because I have an IPhone 5!!!!!! I can't afford a new phone so I guess I miss out!!! Oh so disappointed!!! Thanks Disney!!


about 4 months ago Reply

Tami: Please email feedback@disneyphotographyblog.com with your specific problems. The app was designed to run on iOS 9 and later. The team at DisneyPhotographyBlog.com have discovered an issue when running the app on iOS 9 that causes the app to crash, but a 1.01 fix is already under review at Apple. Technically though, your iPhone 5 can run iOS 10 so if you are running iOS 10 the app will DEFINITELY run on your iPhone 5. I have two iPhone 5 test devices that are running the app that are running iOS 10. The 1.01 fix should be available Monday or Tuesday of next week. I'm sorry for the delay. Keith


about 4 months ago Reply

Oh I so hope so Keith! Thank you for your reply! I will definitely send an email to feedback and let them know of the issue. When I've tired to download the app I get a message "Cannot download"This app is not compatible with your device. Thanks again!

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