Fireworks Friday

Here’s a post you won’t see every day from Disney Photography Blog…..a fireworks shot from aboard the Disney Magic.

On most Disney Cruises these days (I’m assuming since I’m not an expert) one of the days at sea features a Pirate Night.  The servers in the restaurants are decked out in pirate garb, there is a dance party out on deck, and a show featuring Captain Hook and Pirate Mickey.  It’s quite a blast.

Another part of the Pirate Night is a short fireworks show at sea.  You aren’t getting something like Wishes or Illuminations, but it is a fun little show.  If you get a chance to go on one of these cruises, you need to do better research than I did.

The Pirate Party takes place between the forward and mid-ships funnels and guests can watch the party / show from either Deck 9 or Deck 10.  I opted for Deck 10 since we would be up higher and there would be a clearer shot of the fireworks.


Yes the Funnelvision screen is super blurry.  Only including the shot to illustrate where I was set up for the shots.  ProTip – don’t stand here.

As I was getting ready to set up for the show, I had it in my mind that I had seen the fireworks more forward of the ship.  To the right (or more properly starboard) side of the forward funnel.  So I set up on the port side of the ship (I wanted to get an image of the ship in the fireworks shots) and with my back to the midships funnel.  Well, either my memory was wrong or  I was seeing a doctored photo because I was only half right.  The fireworks were being shot off the starboard side of the ship, but they were behind me.

Shame on me for not doing better research.  I probably should have spent more time at the Disney Cruise Line Blog because I’m sure Scott has the right answer posted over there.  The fireworks are coming from behind the midships funnel, so to get any shots I had to quickly spin the camera around and shoot from there.  I don’t have a super wide lens so the shots only turned out so-so.  There was also a knucklehead iPad photographer trying to video tape the fireworks in front of me so I had to crop in and adjust the angle mid show to the moving / blurry white spot out of the images.  All in all though, I liked how the reflections appear in the windows.


Shooting the fireworks on the ship is exactly like shooting them on land.  You’ll need a sturdy tripod, a remote shutter release, and in my opinion a good variable ND filter.  I don’t know why I was worried about this when I was planning the trip, but I was worried about the sway of the ship during the fireworks but it really wasn’t an issue at all.

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