We’re back!

First off, we are so sorry that DisneyPhotographyBlog has been down for so long!  Our site got hacked a couple of times over the summer and all of the previous content was lost!  It took a little bit longer than we hoped to get the blog back on its feet but we are finally here.

We are going to set up a regular posting schedule over the next couple of weeks to get articles back onto the site.  We have a LOT to cover.  Ryan made the swtich from Canon to Nikon to tell us all about, Cory recently came back from a trip to Disneyland, and we have tons of photos from the last 6 months to share with you!

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Robert Acosta

about 1 year ago Reply

So glad you are back! I came close to deleting my RSS feed a couple of times! I am glad I did not, or I would not have known the site is back!


about 1 year ago Reply

Robert! Glad that you hung around. We are sorry we were gone for so long. Hope you enjoy all the new content. Please let us know if there are any topics you would like us to cover in the coming weeks.

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