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Ben Hendel forwarded me a link on twitter to a Groupon for Canvas Prints……..a pretty good deal that you can combine with coupon code GREEN25 for an extra 25% off.  If you’ve been thinking about printing on Canvas, don’t let this deal pass you up.



Last Wednesday I wrote a quick article about Workflow and covered what I do with photos when I’m on a vacation.  In today’s post I’ll finish that discussion up with what I do with the photos once I get home.  Make sure you get all the way to the bottom of the article because we are running another poll.

I will be the first one to admit it that I’m a horder when it comes to holding on to digital photographers.  So please, don’t take what I’m writing as some kind of gospel.  I know there have been many, many discussions on the topic of getting rid of the bad photos in your catalog of images.  I know that it eats up hard drive space and makes backing things up more time consuming.  But I just can’t seem to find the heart / courage to delete large swaths of photos from my hard drive.


All the photos from this post are from Hong Kong Disneyland.  I know the sky isn’t much to write home about here…..but you have to understand the Smog does not allow for big puffy white cloud and brilliant blue skies like Florida can.

So when I come home from a trip, I take the photos and copy them over to my computer.  In my photos directory on my PC – I have a directory for every year and then a photo for each month of the year – then folders for each day of that month that I actually take photos.  I can hear all of  the Lightroom users out there screaming at me through the internet as I type this post about how I’m doing this the most time consuming and manual way process.  To be honest with you, I didn’t have Lightroom until a year ago and old habits die hard so I haven’t made the switch to catalogs.

I shoot Raw+JPG – I want the JPGs there so I can quickly grab a photo and distribute them to other family members on the trip without having to edit things but I want the RAW for when I want to do the edits.  And I let both files exist in the same folder on my computer – filed by year, month and date.

I will then just use the slideshow viewer built into Windows (or Preview on my Mac if I’m doing work on that machine) to get a quick glimpse of the JPG versions (interestingly enough, Windows 10 can actually preview the RAW files too in that slide show application).  I’ll make notes in my notebook for any particular photos that I want to grab for later editing and I keep a little star list going in my notebook so I know which ones I like the best.


I’ll bring those photos into Lightroom and Photoshop for further editing.   Remember I’m a horder.  So I’ll save the PSD of the edits as well as the original image in case I want to go back and re-process the shot.  As I learn more about Photoshop & Lightroom I find that I can make better edits and surprisingly you can go back into older photos and give them new life with a fresh round of processing.

So what is your workflow?  Go ahead and leave a comment below (click Read More) and let me know how I’m doing it wrong (lol).

Contributor Alan Rappaport was running a poll on Twitter last week and I thought I would borrow his idea and see if we can get him more data.  If you happen to have already voted in his poll on Twitter, please don’t vote again here.

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