Blog Reader Chris Shane posted in the comments the other day, asking what our workflow was like with our photos.  What did we do with them when we took them off the card, how do we organize them, do we store them in the “good” folder or the “bad” folder, do we save the original image or just the processed image.  This was a great question and honestly we could probably devote several posts to the matter over the next several months with each of us taking a turn to talk about our workflow.  Since I was looking for some inspiration on what to talk about in my next blog post when the comment came in, I thought I would tackle it here.


My workflow starts before I even head into the parks for a trip.  You might think it’s crazy but with memory cards being so cheap these days, I have lots of SD cards for my camera.  But before I take a trip, I make sure that I have one card for each day of the trip and that they are all blank and formatted in the camera.  Yup, one card for each day of the trip but more on that later.  I store my memory cards in this handy-dandy JJC SDMSD24.  To be honest, I’ve never checked out the water resistant nature of the case so your mileage may vary.  The rubber gaskets around the edges make me think thought that it just might be water resistant like the description claims.  It’s a hard case, so I don’t have to worry about the cards getting smashed.

Each day of the trip I pull out the next two blank memory cards from the case.  One goes into the camera and the other goes into pouch in my Kata camera strap, which is no longer available.  Even with the 8 gig cards, I can still fit 209 RAW+ JPG images on each card.  I tend to shoot a lot (and my ratio of keepers to trash is quite low) but even I’m hard pressed to burn through 2 8 gig cards in a day.


When I get back to the hotel room, the last thing I do before I go to bed is fire up the laptop and transfer the images from the card to there and an external backup drive that I bring with me.  I create a folder on the laptop and external drive named for the trip and create sub-folders underneath for each memory card.  Then I copy that card into the appropriate sub-folder.  I then put the day’s card (or cards if I shot over a card) back into the hard case and load up the camera for the next letter of the alphabet and the next card after that goes into the camera strap.  I told you in my Backup Strategies post I’m pretty worried about losing data.  That’s why I keep everything on the card until I get back home, I have the copy on my laptop, and I have the backup hard drive (and yes, I keep the hard drive in a separate bag from the laptop and the memory cards so in theory I’m covered in case I lose a bag).

In subsequent posts I’ll talk about what I do once I get the images home.  But that’s for a later post.

So what do you all do when you are on a trip?  I know in theory you could upload copies to Dropbox, or Backblaze, or Google Drive……but the Internet connection in the Disney hotels isn’t exactly the best.  It would drive me insane unless I was only uploading the “good ones” up to the cloud.   Hit the read more button and leave a note for what you do with your photos on a trip.

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Chris Marquez

about 1 year ago Reply

Thanks for this! Looking forward to the other posts. Cool to know that I do something similar, as far as this post goes at least. Now I just need to pick up a case to hold my memory cards. Then I won't have to dig through my camera bag looking for the right card.


about 1 year ago Reply

My previous camera (the Canon 300D) shot on Compact Flash cards. Those suckers were ginormous compared to little SD cards that my Canon 60D uses. Once I switched to wanting a card per day (which I think was PhotoMagic 2013), I realized that the cards were too small and too easy to lose. Someone recommended that memory card holder too me and it's been a great addition to my bag.

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